Macaroni and cheese

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Hey you! Yeah, you.

Enough of the boxed stuff. It’s time to learn how to make real deal macaroni and cheese.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to go on an extensive search to find the perfect recipe. We’ve compiled a list of 8 recipes (all from Black chefs) to choose from.

Celebrate National Mac & Cheese Day today (July 14) by checking them out below.

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8 Must-Try Cheesy Recipes To Celebrate National Mac & Cheese Day  was originally published on

1. Southern Baked Mac N Cheese

Here’s another version from Tia Mowry: Click Here

Here’s another version from Patti LaBelle: Click Here

2. Stovetop Mac N Cheese

3. Lobster and Crab Mac and Cheese

Here’s another version from Chef AB: Click Here

Here’s another version from Destiny Makiyah: Click Here

4. Buffalo Chicken Mac n Cheese

5. Bacon Mac n Cheese

6. Fried Mac n Cheese Balls

7. Pizza Mac n Cheese

8. Mac n Cheese Pizza

9. Taco Mac n Cheese

10. Spicy Mac n Cheese

Here’s a vegan version from Tabitha Brown: Click Here

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