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Relationships are a constant source of drama as anyone who’s ever thought they were in love knows. TikTok user @reesamteesa‘s 50-part saga has riveted social media and gone viral, reported on by sites as mainstream as USA Today and Forbes.

Reesa’s account of her marriage to a man she called “Legion” has been viewed millions of times. Reesa now has over 1.1M followers who, per USA Today, have given her account more than 11 million views for the viral posts. She says she was misled by a man who had a history of scamming women and is a pathological liar.

But unlike most deceived lovers who may be ashamed they were fooled into a bad match, Reesa Teesa decided to share it with the world via her TikTok account. (If you don’t want to sit through almost five hours of content, her story is summarized by Forbes.)

She called the story “Who TF Did I Marry” and then carried the tale, in roughly 10-minute segments across 49 more posts that started on yes, Valentine’s Day, extending over the next four days. Amazingly, this multi-part saga was for a marriage that lasted only five months as Reesa quickly discovered that her new husband was an experienced scammer.

According to Reesa, who lives in Atlanta, the story began in March 2020 when the former couple met on Facebook Dating. Legion showed what first looked like great potential very quickly when he fixed a flat tire she experienced on the way to their very first date.

Well, you’ve heard of the Ides of March. If you remember, during COVID quarantine, the forced isolation meant couples got together quickly, which was the case for Reesa and Legion. At first, he paid for all expenses in the household when the couple moved in together, based on his previous career as an arena football player and his current job as the VP of a …wait for it….condiment company.

But things fell apart from there. Houses and cars that Legion was supposed to be helping the couple to purchase didn’t happen. After a failed pregnancy, the couple married in January of 2022, only for Reesa to finally discover that Legion had been married before, lied about his job, marriage, social security number and income, and was presenting to Reesa as his actual twin brother who had the life that Legion was lying about.

Reesa’s saga does have somewhat of a happy ending including a possible paid dramatization of her story similar to what happened to A’Ziah “Zola” King, whose 148-tweet thread became a viral sensation in 2015 and led to the 2021 movie Zola.

But the key thing is – what lessons can we learn from this? Essence had their take on the financial lessons derived from the saga.

Here are a few things social media says that Reesa and anyone can learn from her mistakes and some reactions to the ordeal.

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