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Trinidad James and all you people using the N-word all willy nilly, including myself, this is all your fault. There is a video circulating the internet of a man and his wife rapping to bring common sinners to Christ. the problem with the video is that the song is called “Jesus Is My N***a” and it’s being rapped by people who are melanin deficient.

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The elderly couple seem to be coming from a good place with the song, but the use of the n***a is what kills it for me. Had they not used n***a, I would be saying this was a funny little video attempting to bring Jesus to the youth through the sounds of their generation with horrendous results.

Check out the video below. Doi black people have a right to be mad about this video considering how the word rolls off our tongues? Are you feeling the song? Let us know your thoughts about it.

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