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The now former cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield, spoke with about life after the popular reality series — including her thoughts on her former co-workers (hey, that’s technically true), how audiences react to the show, and her rumored replacement, model Kenya Moore.

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Check out the excerpts below: How do you respond to people who say that you were actually fired instead of quitting? 

SHEREE: I don’t have a response to that. I could really care less because I know what happened. It was an amicable split. I was ready to move and I don’t need to explain myself to anybody. I am super happy and I’m moving in a different direction. This is what I know. I’m not about just being on a show bickering and fighting with women. There are big parts of my life that weren’t shown that I’m ready for everybody to see. Speaking of behavior on the show, is there somewhere you can take responsibility? The producers do put you in that situation, yes, but it’s still you doing it.

SHEREE: Definitely. You’re being put in situations with people you normally won’t be around. You’re doing the show, but at the same time, you can’t control the editing. It’s crazy, the negative stereotype that Black women get about this when it’s not a racial issue; it’s a gender issue. We’re very emotional beings — women period, not just Black women or White women or Italian women or Asian women. We’re all the same way. But unfortunately, [in] the Black community there’s always a microscope on what we do and that’s not fair because you have other shows like Jersey Shore — they’re getting drunk and fist fighting. Then you have Mob Wives and Housewives of New Jersey — they’re flipping tables. Everybody handles things differently. When you have women of other races doing it, they’re not boycotting them. I don’t think it’s fair the stereotype that they put on African-American women, or females period. So why do you think people react like that to Black women on these shows?

SHEREE: I don’t know. We’re not here to represent the entire Black community. Are you keeping in touch with any of your co-stars?

SHEREE: Actually I just saw Kandi last night. I wish all the girls the best. The ones that I like and the ones that I don’t like, I wish everybody the best. You and NeNe [Leakes] showed how much you didn’t like each other on that reunion show. Has anything been resolved between you two?

SHEREE: Resolved how? I don’t think we’ve had a friendship for some years. I’m surrounding myself with confident people so I’m just living life and having a good time and doing me. Have you heard about former Miss USA Kenya Moore possibly replacing you?

SHEREE: Honestly, I haven’t followed the show since I left. I know they’ve thrown a lot of names out. I wish whoever gets the spot the best of luck. How is construction on your new home, a.k.a. Chateau Sheree, going?

SHEREE: It’s going really great. You know, that takes time, and I want it done right. I don’t want nobody to come over, blow on it and it falls down.

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