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Chelsea Handler was a guest on Howard Stern’s radio show recently, and threw shots at her former boo, 50 Cent while talking about their breakup. Chelsea said she dumped 50 Cent after he confessed to her that Ciara still called him on occasion to tell him she “loved him.”

Chelsea told Howard that 50 wanted to go on vacation with her and her family. She said that he was coming to a lot of her shows and stuff. She said that Ciara was coming on her show and he called her to tell her some stuff about her. Chelsea told him that this was like 8th grade shit that he was talking to her about when he told her about what had gone on. She said that she didn’t want to hear it so she told him to knock it off. She said that she said something to him about being a street person or a gangster and she hasn’t spoken to him since.

She said that he was so insulted that they never spoke again. She said that it was the worst thing she could have said to a black man next to the N-word. Chelsea said he was supposed to go on vacation with her but he didn’t even show up. She said that he didn’t come to Anguilla and that’s probably good because he couldn’t swim. She said that it was never going to be a long term relationship anyway.

What do you think Chelsea called 50? Was she right to call him what I’m sure is the “N” word!!

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