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There are countless disposable artists in every genre, but Eric Roberson has a career that every R&B singer who wants longevity could learn from. Overnight success did not come his way, by any means. In 10 years, Eric has released eight albums independently and built an extremely loyal fan base.

Since Eric Roberson didn’t obtain fame quickly, he developed into the outstanding recording artist and performer he is today. In addition, he had plenty of time to make sure he was making music for the right reasons.

Making music was initially something Eric did for fun, but his fans demanded that he take it seriously. Eric admits that it has taken a toll on his social life, but when he’s onstage, there’s no doubt that he loves entertaining.

Roberson recently rocked a packed Highline Ballroom in New York City. He kept his audience engaged for over an hour with a variety of sounds and a charismatic personality. Roberson showed his range by performing a set that included the Go-Go classic “Da Butt” by E.U., a touch of reggae, and a cover of “Tender Love” by the Force MDs. The bulk of his show featured songs of his own, like “Can I Borrow You” and “Pretty Girl.”

Some artists have to rely on gimmicks, but Eric has a body of really good music to lean on. If every R&B artist had Eric’s dedication and passion for their artistry, and the ability not to take themselves too seriously, this genre wouldn’t experience dry spells as it has in the past.

Mister Nice Guy, Eric Roberson’s first album release on someone else’s dime, is now available. If he’s new to you, you’ll understand why Eric Roberson is the present and future of R&B after you listen. And then you’ll wonder why you hadn’t heard of him sooner.


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