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 Halloween is one of the most fun holidays. It’s an excuse to dress up as someone or something else and act a fool. Another reason people look forward to the Halloween season is watching scary movies. However, one annoying thing about horror films  is that in many cases the black person dies within the first five minutes! For example,  Jada Pinkett-Smith’s role in Scream 2 was so short that we wondered how she even got her face in the poster.

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In case you’re one of the people tripping off that fact, The Urban Daily found thirteen horror movies where the black person actually sees  the end credits roll.  Hit us in the comment section and tell us your favorite horror films.

Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Samuel L. Jackson and LL Cool J represent for us in this science fiction thriller. A team of scientists try to discover a cure for Alzheimer’s by experimenting with shark brain tissue. In testing on the animals, the team actually make the sharks faster and smarter. Most figured Sam Jackson and Uncle L would be the first to go. We were partially correct. Samuel L. Jackson gets eaten by a shark, while LL survives to kill the last predator. Though audiences rolled their eyes as LL Cool J played a cook, we applauded that a black cook in a horror flick survives. How’s that for balance?

House on Haunted Hill (1999)

A remake of the 1959 classic, House on Haunted Hillcenters around a rich couple with a disintegrating marriage. The two are rich and rent an abandoned insane asylum for a Halloween party. The hosts offer a milli to whoever can stay in the abandoned looney bin for the night. Little do the hosts and guests know the asylum is definitely haunted. Taye Diggs stars as an uninvited guest who shows up to hob nob with the rich. He soon discovers he’s being chased by the spirits of the asylum because his ancestors were the reason behind the asylum closing back in 1931. He survives to tell the spirits he is adopted and is innocent of anything his ancestors did.  You can pick your friends, but not your family.

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13 Ghosts (2001)

The Tony Shaloub vehicle is another remake from the company that brought us House on Haunted Hill. Tony Shaloub plays the nephew of a ghost hunter. When Shaloub’s money starts acting funny, he moves his kids and nanny, played by Rah Digga,into a mansion his presumably dead uncle has 12 ghosts held captive in the basement, which makes for 12 angry ghosts. A power company accidentally hits a mechanism and all the ghosts are freed one by one.  We come to find the whole thing was a ruse to get Shaloub in the house to become the 13th ghost. So is this film some sort of metaphor about slavery or something? After all, didn’t some slaves sacrifice themselves so others could make it to freedom? On second thought, I might be reaching here.

Anaconda (1997)

In this adventure-horror movie, we get two for the price of one. No, Jennifer Lopez isn’t black , but a minority surviving in a horror film is a win for us all. Lopez plays a leader of a National Geographic film crew heading to the Amazon Rainforest to capture the life of the land’s natives. Ice Cube is her cameraman. The crew is kidnapped by a snake hunter trying to kill the biggest anaconda on record. By the end, Lopez and Cube are the only surviving members of the film crew. They kill the snake hunter and the anaconda by blowing up a smoke stack the snake was caught in after devouring the snake hunter. I said Cube and Lopez was a win for us, not that the movie was believable. You know we are not messing with snakes in the jungle!

The Craft (1996)

The Craft was a teen screamer type film. An oddball girl moves to a new school and befriends girls who are rumored witches. The three girls believe the new girl will complete their coven and the cast spells on their respective high school nemeses. Rachel True of Half and Half fame is one of the witches whose idea of getting even witha racist bully is by casting a spell to make the bully’s hair fall out. She begins to feel bad as another witch in her clique becomes greedy for power. Rachel True’s character was never in any real danger of not surviving. However, she makes the list because we know how Hollywood will implement a nonsensical plot line to get rid of the melanin wealthy characters.

Stigmata (1999)

Nia Long’s gorgeous self  has a supporting role in the supernatural horror movie. She survives because most of the scary and unexplained things happen to her friend, Patricia Arquette. Patricia Arquette plays an atheist who is tortured by spirits. Her wounds are those of Jesus. She gets puncture wounds through her hands, mysterious whip lashings on her back, and bleeds from her head indicating she wore a crown of thorns. Nia’s character does the smart thing and loves and cares for her friend when she has to, but keeps her at a distance.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)

In the sequel to the slasher horror, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Brandy plays Jennifer Love Hewitt’s college roommate. B Rocka wins a trip to the Bahamas and invites a few friends to go along. The trouble is it’s hurricane season on the tropical island. The crew begins to get stalked by the fisherman Hewitt’s friends killed in the first one. Brandy does her best cliche scream queen performance. She runs and screams, trips and falls, but never dies. Honestly, the only reason why I watch this movie is for when Brandy utters her first curse on film. She said “bulls**t” and everyone gasped. My first thought was, “They let Moesha curse now?!?!?”

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Gothika (2003)

Halle Berry’s supernatural thriller, Gothika, featured the Oscar winner as a psychiatrist in a women’s hospital who wakes up one day and realizes she’s a patient having been accused of murdering her husband. Berry becomes close with her former patient, Penelope Cruz. Cruz warns Berry of a ghost in their midst. Come to find out the ghost Cruz was talking about inhabited Berry’s body to kill her husband because he knew there was corruption going on in the mental hospital.  The ghost helps the women escape the asylum and figure out how they got in the asylum. Cruz and Berry eventually make it out of the hospital alive and start a new life as friends. I was hoping they would’ve become more than friends, if you smell my cologne, only because I was a high school teen when this came out. Need I say more?

Snakes on a Plane (2006)

Good ole Samuel L. Jackson appears again on this list, only this time he survives. As FBI Agent Neville Flynn, Jackson must protect a federal witness and save an airplane overrun by snakes in an attempt to kill said federal witness. Although meant to scare, many laughed throughout the whole thing. The first two people to get killed are a couple earning their Mile High Club membership. Getting killed by the animal wasn’t the black snake moan the woman had envisioned when she decided to get frisky. Plus, the ubiquitous line, “I’m tired of these motherf**king snakes on this motherf**king plane!”

When a Stranger Calls (1979)

You probably thought black people didn’t start surviving horror movies until we entered a post-racial America. Ron O’Neal survived the film because he had a bit part as the former partner to the private eye determined to catch a killer who killed two children seven years earlier. O’Neal gives his former partner some advice and helps in minor ways. Call this grasping at straws if you want to, but a black man surviving a horror film in 1979 was one small step for him and one giant leap for black actors in future horror movies. Sort of.

The Thing (1982)

Keith David stars in the cult classic as a minor hero in the unfolding of the events. The Thing is about an alien who takes over different organisms’ bodies and imitates them. An Alaskan Malamute breed dog wandered somewhere it shouldn’t have been and a helicopter was trying to shoot the dog. After a grenade is inadvertently set off and the dog survives, a team of National Science institute researchers adopt the animal. When The Thing embodies the dog, Keith David burns it to death with a flamethrower and the subsequent autopsy reveals what type of  creature their fighting against. That is until The Thing starts taking over human bodies and causes paranoia within the group of researchers. Stuff like that makes me glad I’m a writer and not a scientist.

I Know Who Killed Me (2007)

People only remember this movie as the proposed Lindsay Lohan comeback vehicle that was a box office dud. Despite the fact maybe 100 people in the world cared enough to watch this movie, Garcelle Beauvais plays a hero. She is part of the police squad assigned to capture the serial killer terrorizing a small town. If Beauvais is smart as we like to think she is, she won’t be putting this on her list of acting credits. That movie could probably get her thrown out of a few casting offices.

Devil’s Advocate (1997)

The plot of the film centers around Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron, and Al Pacino. Reeves is a hot shot defense attorney who has never lost a case. He gets a pedophile acquitted of heinous charges, despite knowing of his client’s guilt. He is then recruited by a prestigeous law firm run by Pacino. After Reeves accepts the job, his first client is Delroy Lindo. Lindo plays a voodoo sorcerer who ritually sacrifices an animal. Using freedom of religion as a defense, Reeves keeps his pristine record in tact. Lindo isn’t necessarily in danger, however any time you continue to live after messing with the devil is cause for a celebration. *Insert snarky remark about The Illuminati here*

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