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In the latest issue of XXL magazine Nas celebrates his twenty years in music. For the November 2011 cover story he is interviewed by Odd Future’s Tyler The Creator and they get into lengthy dialogue about everything from liking cheese to winning a VMA.  After Tyler admits that the Internet “drives him crazy” Nas replies that the “Internet is Satan”, he doesn’t know what Tumblr is and that he doesn’t look at his Twitter page.

No I never look at it. I have a team that operates that sh*t for me. They’ll send me questions, and I answer them. That’s it. I was a prank caller when I was a young kid…I look at the Internet as prank callers. You don’t know who they are. They’re having fun. Actually, I’m not mad at that…You could do some good with the Internet, of course. But it’s, like, a man with horns. Not even a man–a dark force with horns–behind the whole sh*t”

Dark force? Has Nas listened to Tyler’s debut album? Ha! Read the full interview in the November 2011 issue of XXL Magazine.


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