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The new nail trend that hasn’t become overly trendy just yet is the Newsprint nails. The best part about it is, you can do it yourself at home in three easy steps! And the finished product is clean, fun and classic.

I’m not a big fan of nail designs and trendy styles that have over-saturated the fashion and style scene. But Newsprint nails are fresh and funky and still a big enough secret.

First, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and make sure your nails are clean and natural oil-free.

Newsprint Nail Ingredients:

– Rubbing alcohol

– Clear Base/Topcoat polish

– Light Nail Polish (preferably White)

– Black and White print Newspaper

FIRST– Put one layer of a base coat and one layer of the white. It’s recommended to use a light color, preferably white or grey (the newspaper will leave a faint grey film on your nail, so white is ideal). In this case, I used Essie’s Marshmallow #63.

It’s important that nails dry completely, so instead of putting the second coat on a half-dry first coat, it’s better to wait until the first coat is 100% dry.  After 2 completely dry coats of white, your nails should be all and even and complete shade of white.

To test if your nails are completely dry, tap them against one another; if you feel a sticky hesitation when pulling them apart, they need more time. You want them to be able to tap and rub together without friction or messing up the polish.

NEXT–  Take a strip of newspaper. Make sure you have an area with just words, no gaps or paragraph breaks and be weary that you’re not about to place vulgarities or degrading words on your nails. I read where someone accidentally printed the word ‘rape’ on her nail. So watch out!

Dip your nail in rubbing alcohol then place the newspaper strip over your entire nail. For complete coverage, I took an alcohol-dampened cotton ball and firmly pressed the newspaper strip to my nail. Hold down in a steady position for about 10-15 seconds.

Remember those water activated tattoos when you were younger? It works just like that, don’t move it around or it will smudge, don’t remove to soon or it won’t all take, and don’t leave any corners dry or it won’t activate.

FINALLY– Once you remove the newspaper strip and you’re happy with the results, put a clear and shiny topcoat polish on to protect the news ink. If you’re not satisfied with the outcome, immediately rub the ink off with your finger and try again. If your nails were completely dry before applying the paper, this shouldn’t affect your polish.

Now give it a try and tell us what you think!

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