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Women and our hair, we’re always looking for the next best thing. Just like everyone else, I’ve spent my money on products, equipment and accessories in search for the best combination to create that fresh “ready to go” look that fits my budget. Well, I believe I’ve finally found one part of that combination. The Sam Villa SLEEKR Professional Flat Iron.

Sam Villa’s SLEEKR flat iron is for the everyday woman who cares about keeping healthy hair while achieving salon styled looks at home.

First thing I always look for in a flat iron is the plates. The SLEEKR’s ceramic plates deliver even heat distribution throughout the entire iron and are sensitive enough to not damage the fine hair but strong enough to straighten even the thickest tresses. SLEEKR also coats the plates with Tourmaline which adds extra shine and a smooth finish.

Another important thing in the search for a flat iron is keeping in mind the protection of color treated hair. If your iron is too hot, the heat will loosen the color treating chemical causing a fade or dullness of color over time and even rinse out some of the color during your next shampoo. Well with the SLEEKR, there is a setting for color treated hair that is strategically set to get hot enough do the job while keeping in mind to preserve your fabulous color.

Don’t think Sam Villa forgot about us natural hair ladies. There’s a special ‘virgin hair’ setting with low heat specifically targeted for natural hair to protect from breakage and heat damage.

The light indicator let’s you know when it’s hot and ready to use, I barely had time to part my hair into sections before the SLEEKR heated all the way up! Once your SLEEKR is heated to the desired setting and you’re ready to go, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Select the desired section to be flat ironed. The SLEEKR allows you to control the amount of pressure your hair gets from the flat iron. Start at the root of your hair, press down as hard or little as you’d like and take a slow glide down the strands of hair. What’s great about the SLEEKR is you don’t have to run over the same piece of hair more than once. Take your time on the first time through and it will be all you need!

2. My favorite thing to do when flat ironing my hair is to also treat it like a curling iron and curl my ends as I go. The barrel on the SLEEKR is perfect for that! Wide enough to cover a good amount of hair during the flat ironing process but small and round enough to draw a sexy curl for a finishing touch. (See finished look to the left).

3. Edges: We hate them. So sensitive, so exposed and so close to our skin. But they need too much attention to just let them be. Now with the SLEEKR’s adjustable settings, when it comes to the agonizing task of getting the iron close to our face and neck, you can adjust the heat lower for a bearable experience while still getting the hairs straight. The SLEEKR is slim enough to get close to the roots and do a successful once over and be done!

Everything you need to style your hair in one hand. The outcome is shiny, smooth, straight and SLEEK. Don’t forget to add your touch of curl at the end to add more bounce and body to your mane!

What are some flat iron tricks you like to do when styling your hair?

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