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Ghostface Killah unleashed some valuable words of wisdom for Valentines Day on his Twitter account today. In honor of the holiday, GFK gave his followers advice on “How To Keep Your Girl Happy.”  Read, learn, and enjoy!

Sometimes you gotta flip it on your girl, b.  The things she do for you, if she does them for you, you gotta do to her, man.

Nahmean.  She liked to get pampered too.  She like to hear that “I Love You” sh*t a thousand times a day. You understand what I’m sayin.

With a soft kiss every now and then. Younahmean. Rub her back, b.  Feel her up, massage her, tell her how good she look.

Cook for her if you could, if you know how to cook.  If not, take her to get something to eat.

Sometimes you can just go on a vacation.  If you go on a vacation that’s the ultimate.  You gon’ smash all that!

Whatever foul sh*t you was doing, nahmean, you gon’ cut off a lot of that fat, b.  A lot of that sh*t and you gon’ be good for a minute.

You know especially if you take her somewhere there’s a beach, and y’all just go lay out, get a couple of massages from the hotel.

Y’all laying up, doing sh*t. Nahmean, playing whatever little volleyballs they got on the beach and doing everything, the activities.

Y’all go down to the motherf*ckin hotel, they got a bunch of activities y’all can do.  Go on boat rides and sh*t, you do all that sh*t.

Even if it’s a 2 day vacation, nahmean, y’all come back, y’all gon be good!  You gon be good.

So it’s like um, basically… you know.  Make her something to eat.  Take her out, you know.

Come back, put some candles in the tub, for her.  Do things, you know.  Run the water for her.

Buy her a lingerie or pajama set so she can put it on after she get out, nahmean. Have a little cake for her or whatever whatever whatever.

Whatever you know, just make the scene nice and sexy and romantic and soft and warm.

Nahmean, the ill, I don’t care if its a Luther or Barry CD or something like that but just, you know, tell her you love her man.

The whole sh*t is just shocking them. Shock the b*tch, B.

Not to call her a b*tch like that, but you know what I mean, just shocking them. She gotta be like “Yo this n*gga just f*cked my head up!”

That’s the best sh*t.  Making your girl happy man.  Then after that, you know what it is!  You gon’ go in there and you gon’ make love to her.

But don’t make love to her without the MUSIC on!  You gotta put that SLOW sh*t on and you f*ck her reaaal slow.

And for those of y’all that don’t eat no p*ssy, you might gotta eat her p*ssy. You feel me!  You eat her p*ssy, thats even a extra 100 points.

But you gotta eat her p*ssy though, nahmean.  Don’t suck the sh*t too hard nahmean they don’t like that.

That’s why a lot of girls like girls cause they know what girls like. Nahmean, you gotta know how to do that sh*t right b.

But I’m saying tho, you gon’ make your girl happy.  You feel me?

But yo, just take it from me man.  It’s Tony Starks in the building. I know. #GFKWordsofWisdom

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