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Cassie’s lawyers have been masterful in their reactions to the release of footage of Diddy beating the singer, and his ex-girlfriend, back in 2016. After Diddy dropped an apology on Sunday (May 19), the now happily married singer’s legal team issued a statement slamming the mogul’s already derided mea culpa.

Taking to Instagram, Diddy posted a video apology that was widely criticized as insincere and never mentioned Cassie by name. “It’s so difficult to reflect on the darkest times in your life, but sometimes you gotta do that,” said Diddy. “I was f*cked up. I mean I hit rock bottom, but I make no excuses. My behavior on that video is inexcusable.”

He also added, “I went and I sought out professional help, going to therapy, going to rehab. I had to ask God for his mercy and grace. I’m so sorry, but I’m committed to be a better man each and every day.”

Cassie’s attorney wasn’t feeling Diddy’s words.

“Combs’ most recent statement is more about himself than the many people he has hurt,” said Meredith Firetog, of Wigdor LLP, which represented Cassie Ventura in her settlement, in a statement shortly after Combs released his apology.

“When Cassie and multiple other women came forward, he denied everything and suggested that his victims were looking for a payday,” continued Firetog.

The post that the attorney references is from late 2023, and is still up on Diddy’s Instagram account. “Sickening allegations have been made against me by individuals looking for a quick payday,” he wrote on the post, dated December 6, 2023. “Let me be absolutely clear: I did not do any of the awful things being alleged. I will fight for my name, my family and for the truth.”

Well, that clearly is not the case.

Firetog added, “That he was only compelled to ‘apologize’ once his repeated denials were proven false shows his pathetic desperation, and no one will be swayed by his disingenuous words.”

Cassie’s husband, Alex Fine, also brought the smoke. “Men who hit women aren’t men. Men who enable it and protect those people aren’t men. As men, violence against women shouldn’t be inevitable. Check your brothers, your friends, and your family. Our daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives should feel protected and loved. Hold the women in your life with the upmost regard,” said Fine in an Instagram post.

Also, Diddy’s old stomping grounds at Revolt—he resigned from his chairman position last year—washed its hands of him.



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