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Drew Sidora is a veteran actress known for her role on BET’s hit series The Game and her recurring role on Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven. She also starred as Tionne Watkins on VH1’s biographical film CRAZYSEXYCOOL.

With a 27-year career under her belt, Sidora decided to enter the world of reality television. She joined the cast of the Bravo-powered reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2020. Since then, Sidora has made headlines for her choice to undergo a “mommy makeover,” as well as her transparency in displaying the “growing pains” of her eight-year marriage.  

In an exclusive interview, Sidora shares how she was able to flawlessly blend in with such a dynamic group of women, her secret for withstanding national criticism, her style evolution, and more.

When you joined the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast, you relocated from Los Angeles to Atlanta and entered this dynamic, diverse group of women. It seems you’ve adjusted well to the changed environment and flawlessly blended in with and adapted to this unpredictable group of women. What was that like for you?

The transition wasn’t incredibly challenging just because now I’m a mother and wife, and I’ve got three beautiful children. So Atlanta is honestly the ideal place for being able to have it all – me being able to work as well as raise a family. It’s a win-win across the board.

In joining the cast, I was truly excited because I don’t have a lot of family or friends here, so I was looking forward to meeting the ladies. A lot of them are super successful, so being grouped with some amazing women and being able to build genuine relationships was something that I was really excited for.

When you first joined the show, we watched as you received criticism from one particular cast member about your wigs. You handled that conflict maturely on screen, but how was it dealing with that initial criticism early on and, of course, in front of a national audience?

I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ I’m new. I didn’t know anyone. And I just felt like I didn’t have a chance. And I didn’t think as women we should judge each other on things like that – especially because at the time of filming, it was the middle of COVID. So who is judging who during COVID? I felt like that would be a time for people to accept and love each other and be genuine and authentic. But it wasn’t, and at the end of the day, I just chalked it up to the fact that not everyone is your cup of tea, and that’s okay. The person who was being critical of me is not even on the show anymore. So I feel like when you’re true to yourself, people always will see that truth in the end. And that’s what I think happened in my case. I killed her with kindness. 

Because of that experience, I was looking forward to this new season and being able to build deeper relationships with the women. I believe in sisterhood, and that’s what this show represents – and I love my COVID wigs! Listen, I was on YouTube, and I learned a lot of things. I picked up a lot of trades during COVID that I am still proud of. So I embraced it all.  

As we’ve watched you onscreen, your style has undeniably evolved. But I think that’s also a huge part of growing as a woman – our style changes so much. In what ways do you feel your style has changed over the years? And when do you feel most beautiful?

My evolution centered around my baby weight. I have three children, so obviously, my body has changed. I experienced different health diagnoses, which I’ve been genuinely open about. I’ve just been in a season of getting back to me. I lost weight and I did what I wanted to do – which as a woman, we have that choice. I had a mommy makeover, and I was so excited about it. Even though people gave me a hard time, I love it. It brought back a lot of my confidence. I feel lighter, I feel healthier. 

I publicized Drop It With Drew this season because it’s an evolution of my journey, and me just wanting to be my healthier self. Yes, I had a mommy makeover, but anyone who’s had surgery knows that you can’t do that and expect everything to sit in place. You still have to work out. So I created ‘Drop It With Drew’ as a community for women, where we can hold each other accountable and support each other on those days when we want to quit. So what you’re seeing in my fashion and physical transformation is me living in my passion, living in my truth, and trying to be the best version of me, period. 

Your career continued to evolve during your time on the show. As you push forward in your career, what roles are you looking to take on next?

I’m ready for some heavy-lifting projects. I’m ready for challenging roles – digging deeper and doing things completely outside of me. So whether that’s playing an action figure or going back in time and telling the story of our history – I think it would be super exceptional. Just moving into that leading lady, Oscar-worthy material and characters. That’s where I’m going, for sure. 

I am also releasing music. I’ve done music my whole life, but I feel like this is the time. I sang Happy Birthday to Sheree, and all the notes were hitting. So I was like, ‘You know what? Maybe it’s time to do more of this.’ I’ve been in the studio, and with everything I’ve been going through, I’m pouring it all into the music. So that is all on the horizon for me.

So we have music and films – what else should fans be looking out for from you?

More of Drop It With Drew. I’m producing films as well. I have a movie on Amazon Prime called, And You Call Yourself A Christian. We’re actually in pre-production for our next film. I’m getting behind the camera and opening up opportunities for other creatives. Kandi also gave me an amazing business idea that will help other creatives interested in understanding the fundamentals of acting. 

All of that is on the horizon. But definitely, continuing to be healthy, creating music, sharing more of my family, more of my marriage growing and thriving, and getting through those growing pains. I’m just excited about everything that’s to come.


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