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As an avid watcher of reality TV, particularly the housewives franchise, I enjoy a good shady moment. For the most part, Candiace Dillard, the petite Real Housewives Of Potomac TV personality, delivers quick-witted clap backs that compel you to either love or hate her. Candiace doesn’t mince words and it often leads to catty interactions with her co-stars — one that even turned physical when Candiace’s mouth wrote a check her a** couldn’t cash. Depending on who you ask, she either had it coming or violence is never the answer. I’m not here to make a case for physical violence, but there is something to be said about Candiace constantly hitting below the proverbial belt with shade that doesn’t make you laugh, but cringe.


This season Candiace has called Ashley, “wide body,” a “filthy milkmaid,” (I did chuckle on that one) with a “big a** face and “big a** forehead.” Her body shaming didn’t stop there, she then set her targets on Mia, whose she constantly called out for having “big a** feet,” a “leaking booty” and plumped lips. And that’s the nicer part of her verbal attacks when she wasn’t calling Mia’s mother “low budget.” When Candiace was informed Mia and her mother had a strained relationship, she continued to call her mother “low budget” before tossing salad at the RHOP newcomer. In the words of NeNe, “so nasty, so rude.”

Candiace is quick-witted and comes well-equipped for any shade battle, but her shade this season feels like a crack in her crown exposing her own insecurities vs her foes. For one, Candiace and her mother also have a strained relationship exacerbated by her mother’s involvement in her finances. And Candiace’s mother was also a willing participant in the shade session that occurred at her music video set in the parking lot. To be fair, Mia was wrong for approaching Candiace’s mother Dorothy and questioning her about Chris being on her payroll. Insults were thrown on a later episode, but Candiace hit below the belt when she responded to Mia’s criticism of her video (she called it “low budget”). Instead of “keeping it cute,” she responded, “Your mother is low budget. Watch ya mouth.”

Yikes on a bike.

Last night, the ladies and their husbands embarked on a couples trip that was entertaining from the moment it started to the moment it took a left turn courtesy of Candiace’s obsessive energy towards Mia. After being told about Mia and her mother’s repaired relationship, she not only continued to call her mother names, she involved innocent salad. Salads were tossed. She continued to belittle Mia and call her a “street crawler” and involved her husband by calling him a “pimp.” Her behavior was cringe-worthy. Even Karen Huger stepped in to diffuse the situation knowing Mia’s relationship with her recovering mother.

Candiace apologized for her behavior during an episode of WWHL, saying, “It’s unhealthy, and before I say that I will say this. Yes, what I said, if it offended Ashley, I apologize for it because it was not meant to shame her. Because she said that it was offensive, I want to make it clear that I was not referring to her postpartum body, I talk about her forehead, face, the whole thing.”

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Candiace’s co-star Gizelle Bryant (who was involved in her own body shaming incident, this season, with Wendy) defended Ashley on an episode of WWHL. “I love Candiace to death, but Candiace can do some low blows that are unnecessary. To come for Ashley’s body when she just gave birth didn’t sit well with me, at all.”

The latter half of the “green eye bandits,” Robyn Dixon added, “They were totally out of line, especially coming from someone who’s never been pregnant before, never given birth, [and] doesn’t really understand that a lot of pregnant women or postpartum women face.”

Candiace remains a trending topic every Sunday night, so we don’t see the shade slowing down anytime soon. Let’s just hope the lettuce are left out of it.

What say you readers, is Candiace’s shade too far?


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