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In today’s “Nobody asked for your opinion” news, Peter Thomas, ex-husband to Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey, let the world know that you can’t be full of body enhancements while asking for a real man.

The post read, “Fake butts, Fake hair, Fake titties, Fake eyebrows, Fake lashes, Fake eyes, Fake friends, Fake nails, But want a real man??” Under the meme he wrote, “This is funny and real as f*ck.”

The backlash must’ve been brutal because the former cast-mate deleted his post, but not before it was picked up by various outlets.

Basic biology qualifies Peter Thomas as a man, but if we’re talking about standards that society expects men to uphold, I’d say he falls short – and often. Back in 2019, Mr. Thomas was arrested in Miami International Airport with a fugitive warrant. The real man and upstanding citizen was accused of writing fraudulent checks. Although he was able to resolve the issue, history shows that Peter isn’t that great with money. He is currently in a legal battle with his ex-wife Cynthia, over property they owned together when they were married. Bringing up Peter’s past doesn’t solve anything, but the overall point is judgement never feels good.

Men have impossible standards that they expect women to live up to. They prefer a woman who is all natural, but end up with the type of woman they swear they don’t want. In any case, women have every right to exist how they want to exist – natural or not. This narrative that a woman is less worthy because she enhanced her body is ridiculous and damaging. Policing women on their choices has to stop.

Peter, let’s make a deal. Us women will lay off the fake eyelashes and weaves as soon as you quit bouncing checks. Deal?


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