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For a minute there Meek Mill was the darling of the Hip-Hop culture due to his bars and a biased “justice” system that threw him into prison for poppin’ a wheelie.

Then after Jay-Z helped spring the Philadelphia rapper from jail and get him back home, it was all downhill from there. From having a bunch of water-selling kids split a $20 bill to more recently throwing out an offensive Kobe Bryant metaphor, Meek’s reminded everyone why they began clowning him in the first place. Now Claudia Jordan is recalling the time when Meek caused a scene while he was dating Nicki Minaj.

On a recent episode of Out Loud With Claudia Jordan on Fox Soul, CJ remembered the time she ran into Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj at a restaurant in Manhattan “back in the day.”

““It was a Jamaican restaurant in The Village and him and Nicki were there. She was super friendly to me. I had just gotten off Housewives. She said hi and everything and Meek got upset about someone trying to take a picture of them in the restaurant,” Jordan recalls. “He like made a scene and I remember feeling bad for Nicki.” Though Jordan remembers Nicki trying to calm Meek down, she says Mills wasn’t having it and went off on the fan saying “I see you!”

“I think that Meek, maybe, has emotional reactions to things. I think he’s kind of impulsive. He says things and maybe thinks about it later.”

Yeah, that actually sounds pretty accurate given Meek’s history of blurting things out on social media and whatnot. Truth be told it seems like him going to prison unjustly actually saved his career and put him in the good graces of the culture until he was freed and messed that up too.

Check out Claudia Jordan tell her Meek Mill story below and let us know if y’all still riding with Meek or filling out his cancelation form as we speak if y’all haven’t mailed it in already.

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