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A few weeks ago, Keke Palmer detailed her struggles with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. After struggling for years with bad acne breakouts, doctors were finally able to get to the root of the problem.

In a lengthy Instagram post, KeKe expressed her frustrations of being misdiagnosed by doctors. She mentioned that her acne was so bad that people in her field offered to pay for a dermatologist. Now in an interview with People TV, she explains that Tyler Perry was one of the people willing to invest in her skincare treatments. 


“I remember when I was 14 and Tyler Perry pulled my mom aside at the NAACP awards and literally said, ‘I would pay for her to go to a dermatologist, to the best dermatologist, to help her with her skin,’” Palmer said. “So what I’ve dealt with, with my skin, has been so traumatic and big that people have literally reached into their own pockets to help me.”

Tyler Perry has been known to silently invest in Black people so that they could live up to their fullest potential. His acts of selflessness are admirable and always appreciated. He is a true example of what it means to invest in the Black community to build wealth and prosperity within our community.
“I’m grateful to Tyler Perry to this day. I don’t tell many people that story, but I was so grateful to him for helping me because he had the resources and he was paying it forward,” she added. “And he was giving me that kind of first introduction to doing that personal care and knowing that I don’t have to live like that. If there’s something I want to improve about myself, there are people that can help me with that.”As KeKe continues to be open about her struggle with PCOS, she is inspiring other people who are struggling with the same condition. She was fortunate to have people like Tyler Perry in her corner to help her address her acne problems. This has been a long journey for KeKe and I’m glad she’s on the road to learning about her condition and figuring out ways to overcome it.


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