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Singer Ari Lennox, for all of her musical abilities, also moonlights as a comedian. On her Instagram Live videos, Lennox tells wildly hilarious tales, cusses frequent and fervently and even dodges movie stars asking her out on dates.

Yesterday, in documenting one of her adventures, Ari showed her fans how she tried to situate this lace front wig on her head. Hilarity ensued as she did so because Ari isn’t known for wearing wigs, she didn’t know how much lace to cut and didn’t even have a wig cap.


Safe to say it was a fail.

But given that we’re in the house for the unforeseeable future, I’d say that it’s not that big of a deal.

The Shade Room grabbed the video, posted it on their feed and it wasn’t long before rapper Snoop Dogg moseyed in with his two cents.

He left a comment under the video saying, “Grow your own hair what happened to those days [shrugging man emoji].”


For the life of me, I can’t understand what type of pleasure Black men take from telling Black women what to do with their hair.

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Furthermore, Ari is known for her thick, natural hair. She wears it out personally and professionally so I don’t know what he means saying she should grow her own hair. She already has.

I would love to blame this on the quarantine and having extra time on his hands sitting in the house, scrolling through his phone. But as we’ve reported before, Snoop has made a habit, history and a career out of overstepping when it comes to Black women.

And it’s sad.

I had hoped that with him appearing on “Red Table Talk,” to apologize for his comments toward Gayle King, that he would think more critically about his interactions regarding Black women. But y’all know the saying, it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

See what other people had to say, including Ari’s response to Snoop’s comments.

I already mentioned that men have no place telling women what to do with their hair. But considering the fact that Snoop’s own wife and daughter have worn extensions as well–and they’re beautiful btw, if he wanted to tell someone what to do, he should look to his own household first before commenting on a woman with no connection to him. The gag is, his wife and daughter probably wouldn’t be trying to hear that.

This unnecessary insertion into Ari’s beauty and fashion choices might suggest that Snoop didn’t learn everything he should have when he initially appeared on “Red Table Talk.” I don’t know that a second sit down would help that much either. But someone needs to step in.

I wanted to write that Ari Lennox is a stranger to Snoop but there was no proof of that. But this tweet provides a strong argument to suggest that he doesn’t. Ari wears her thick, healthy natural hair out 98 percent of the time. If he were remotely familiar with her, he might not have said this in a public forum. Then again, I’m sure all of this seems very mild to him.

Snoop wasn’t the only one with criticisms for Gayle King. Ari Lennox had them too. You may remember, she notoriously referred to Oprah and Gayle and Okra and Kale. And she defended Snoop for calling Gayle out of her name. Ultimately, Ari came back and apologized, vowing to step away from the internet for a while. What she failed to realize that if Snoop felt comfortable calling an older, Black woman out of her name, the likelihood that he would support, defend of even just mind his business when it comes to other Black women is slim.


People were ready to cancel every Black woman even remotely associated with Gayle in support of Snoop’s foolishness as if he made the comments because of the situation alone. The man does this. And as we learned today, it would only be a matter of time before another Black woman was on the receiving end of his misogyny.

This is a fair point. Because Snoop is almost always under the influence of some type of marijuana, perhaps we shouldn’t take his words too seriously. That’s valid. But he is an influential figure in society. And has been for decades now. His words still carry weight and he should be held accountable for them. Furthermore, the weed is not responsible for a lot of these thoughts. They are his own.

Black women will always defend Black men, even if it results in our further oppression. I wouldn’t argue that we stop defending Black men all together but we have to be strategic about it. And when it comes down to a Black man degrading a Black woman, that’s a good indicator that he’s not the right one.

This would be lovely. Though I doubt he’ll see the error in his ways. Instead, he’ll fall back on the fact that he was just expressing an opinion.

Thankfully, Ari had the proper response for Snoop. It’s playful and light, showing off her sense of humor while simultaneously calling him out for his own hypocrisy. With the unstated hint, that homeboy needs to mind his business henceforth and forevermore.


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