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Via Madamenoire:

A family in Centerville, Illinois almost got the scare of their life as they were en route to the emergency room to stop their 1-year-old daughter from choking on a penny.

Darius Hinkle was driving over 100 mph with an expired license in order to save his daughter Domani when he noticed that he was being trailed by police.

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“The first thing in my mind was to get her to the hospital,” Hinkle told KTVI, describing the tense situation. He said he continued to their destination because he wanted to make sure that they were making the best decision possible for their daughter’s health.

As Hinkle and Domani’s mother, Donecia Pittman, pulled into the parking lot of Touchette Regional Hospital, police forced them to exit the vehicle.

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Pittman, who also spoke to KTVI, said that she yelled from their positions to let the officers know what caused their mad rush down the road.

“I got out, put my hands up and yelled, and I told the police, ‘My baby is choking.’ And I told them multiple times that she was choking. They were just worried about the fact that we were speeding,” she said.

While their daughter Domani was being treated, Hinkle was handcuffed and taken into custody. Pittman stayed with their daughter to ensure she received proper treatment, but later left to bail Hinkle out from jail.

But when she approached the building, she was greeted by an unknown woman who later proved to be a saving grace.

“I was looking, like I didn’t know who it was. And when I looked out the door to see who it was, she spoke, and she says, ‘I’m the nurse from Touchette Hospital,’” Pittman said.

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She later discovered that a group of nurses had pulled their money together to pay for Hinkle’s bond after finding out that he was arrested.

The amount of money has not yet been disclosed nor how many nurses contributed to Hinkle’s bailout but the story serves as a reminder that good does ultimately prevail. Both Pittman and Hinkle could not be more grateful to the nurses at Touchette Regional Hospital.



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