During that meeting, unbeknownst to the mother, Mr. Kelly slipped his number to Jocelyn and began a relationship with her behind her parents’ back. After they returned home, at some point her parents found out about the relationship and told her to cut off all contact with Mr. Kelly, which they believed she had done.

[At the end of the summer], they dropped Jocelyn off to Gwinnett College in Lawrence, Georgia, but by late December 2015, early January 2016, Jocelyn’s roommate called her parents to alert them that their daughter had gone missing. When the Savages drove to her apartment, they realized that their daughter and all of her belongings were gone.

HB: When is the last time the Savages saw Jocelyn?

GG: The last time they saw her was when the dropped her off at school back in 2015. After she disappeared, they called her cell plenty of times, which went to voicemail. The one time they believe she picked up, there was a rumbling on her end and the phone went dead. After that, her cell phone number was disconnected.

The only time they’ve seen her or heard her voice is online on TMZ where she denied their accusations against Mr. Kelly.

HB: According to your account, what has R. Kelly and his legal representation said to you about Jocelyn’s welfare?

GG: Mr. Kelly has not said anything to us at all. Even worse, the lawyers we reached out to told us that they don’t represent him anymore and led us to his manager, James Mason, who continues to tell us to “trust the process” when it comes to speaking to and seeing Jocelyn.

But how can we “trust the process” when the person behind it won’t even allow Jocelyn to speak to one of her youngest sisters? If what’s going on is so innocent, why can’t Jocelyn speak to a 12-year-old? If what’s happening is so innocent why did she miss her own grandfather’s funeral and basically cut off all contact with everyone who loves her?

We have repeatedly tried to set up a meeting between Jocelyn and her family. We’ve even suggested meeting at a neutral place in order for her parents to see for themselves that their daughter is OK. They want to hear it from her own mouth, but also hope that because they’ve known Jocelyn her whole life, they can be a voice of reason to make her see that she needs to come home.

Most likely, that’s one reason why Mr. Kelly doesn’t want to make her available to them.

HB: What has law enforcement done about the Savages’ allegations?

GG: Not enough, which is why her parents are so frustrated. These allegations should have [sparked] actions such as wellness checks that police actually follow through on. As of now, the police have never made contact with Jocelyn because his handlers in both Atlanta and Chicago have intercepted them.

Why can’t the police check in to ensure her safety?

HB: As the family’s lawyer, what are your feelings about Kelly’s song?

GG: I have no idea what he is doing and why anyone who is advising him legally would allow for him to release that song. That, and I believe that he is trying to paint himself as a victim in order to deflect his own guilt and distract people from the truth. As someone who has practiced law for the past 14 years, I’ve dealt with real victims and he is not one of them.

Lawyer To Family Whose Daughter Is Allegedly Being Held Captive By R. Kelly Speaks Out About New Song  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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