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Earlier this week, R. Kelly’s name was trending on Twitter for one reason only: He released a new song addressing the sexual assault, pedophilia and sex cult allegations that have been circling around him for more than two decades.

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And while the title of the song, “I Admit” gives off the impression that the Pied Piper has finally come clean about his alleged predatory behavior, it’s quite the opposite. In the 19-minute track, Kelly denies all illegal allegations, going as far as to say that the people accusing him are lying and are only doing so to extort money and ruin his career.

The 51-year-old also paints a picture of being a victim of sorts, claiming that he was sexually assaulted as a young child, is basically illiterate and has perhaps battled with drug addiction.

While many have lashed out against R. Kelly for releasing this track, this particular song is a slap in the face to Jocelyn Savage’s parents, Tim and Jonjolyn Savage, who claim that the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer has been holding their daughter captive in his “sex cult” for more than two years.

“He released that song on Jocelyn’s twenty-third birthday,” Gerald A. Griggs, an attorney representing the Savage family, told HelloBeautiful.

“So instead of celebrating this special day with their daughter, they are dealing with this nonsense.”

HelloBeautiful sat down with Griggs to discuss the Savages’ allegations against R. Kelly, their frustration with law enforcement and why we need to believe in and fight for Black women and girls.

HelloBeautiful: With the release of “I Admit,” how are the Savages doing?

Gerald A. Griggs: Like I said before, Mr. Kelly released this song on Jocelyn’s birthday, which was hard for them because they weren’t allowed to even celebrate the day with her or even talk to her on the phone. But in terms of his overall antics, nothing he does surprises the family because they have been dealing with this situation and him for over two years.

HB: What are the Savages accusing Kelly of doing to Jocelyn?

GG: Her parents are adamant that Mr. Kelly is controlling their daughter and has been holding her under her against will since late 2015, early 2016.

HB: How did R. Kelly first meet Jocelyn and the Savages?

GG: Despite Mr. Kelly [alluding] in the song that the Savages handed over their then 20-year-old daughter to him, let me be clear: That is not the truth, they did no such thing. One of the singer’s handlers randomly walked into a family-owned boutique in the City of South Fulton, Georgia, where he overheard Jocelyn and her then-16-year-old sister singing.

“Impressed with what he heard,” the handler told the Savages that he could provide them with an opportunity to better their careers by working with Mr. Kelly. Soon after, the handler provided them with tickets to one of Mr. Kelly’s concerts in California. The mother attended the concert with her daughter, which marked the first time Mr. Kelly had met Jocelyn and her family in person.

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