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Summertime has arrived and Dr. Collier is back to help us battle mosquitoes. He mentioned to the team that mosquitoes can carry up to 800 different diseases. When we are outside with our family and get bit it can affect us in different ways.

If we see any type of discharge coming from the bite he suggests going to the doctor and getting some antibiotics. Dr. Collier also mentioned that mosquitoes don’t like everyone, they love people that carry a certain scent. He also spoke about how female mosquitos are worse than the male ones.

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To help fight them off make sure you purchase certain products such as deet or Avon skin so soft. Both of these products carry chemicals and if you don’t like that then try something different. Dr. Collier also spoke about how in the morning and when the sun is setting are the worse times for mosquitoes to get you so make sure you cover up.

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