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Austin Perine

Most kids who get allowance use it to buy toys or candy. Some will actually save the money as a future investment per direction from their parents.

However, how many kids, let alone 4-year-olds, decide to use their allowance to feed the homeless and spread a message of love. That’s what Austin Perine does, better known as President Austin, does in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama according to Blavity.

Austin got the idea to help others while watching a nature documentary with his dad that showed a mother panda abandon her baby. Seeing that while asking his dad about it taught Austin what it meant to be homeless.

He says, ‘What’s homeless?’ I said, ‘It’s when you don’t have a home and sometimes you don’t have mom or dad around,” explained TJ Perine, Austin’s dad.

After that little talk, the 4-year-old set out to help the homeless with the resources he had. Throwing on his red cape, Austin went around buying sandwiches for the homeless using his allowance.

In Austin’s eyes, he believes that the president should be giving back to the people. That says a lot, especially with the current administration in the White House.

“That’s his idea of what the president is supposed to do,” said his dad. “I was like, buddy, you have no idea, but hey, I’m going along with it.”

And with every sandwich that he gives out, President Austin always gives the message, “Don’t forget to show love.”

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