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As the explosive sixth season of the “Braxton Family Values,” draws near, it seems as if there’s inner turmoil amongst the closely knit Braxton family.

According to TMZ, Tamar Braxton is refusing to participate in any upcoming promo appearances for the hit reality show because she feels her family is unfairly portraying her estranged husband, Vince Herbert.

The source told the outlet that Braxton is fed up and feels they have tarnished Herbert’s name for promotional gain. She’s reportedly only agreeing to participate in promotional appearances if the footage that she disagrees with is fixed.

Braxton filed for divorce in October, just days before the couple’s ninth wedding anniversary. After the news hit the airwaves, rumors swirled surrounding the cause for the couple’s separation. Weeks after Braxton’s mom, Evelyn, revealed that she feared for her Tamar’s life in an exclusive with TMZ. Braxton and Herbert have agreed to co-parent their son Logan but have not shared any plans to reconcile.

A promo for the show uncovers that the family found out about Tamar’s divorce after reading the announcement online, while reacting to Evelyn’s tea spilling.

We hope that there’s no actual beef between the Braxton women and that these reports are just that, rumors.

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