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Rickey Smiley Promotes His Book 'Stand By Your Truth'

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Rickey Smiley recently came to The House of Hope Atlanta, which is led by his friend and fraternity brother, Pastor E. Dewey Smith, Jr. According to Black Christian News, Before Smiley came to the stage Smith explained how much he did for the church, what he has gone through in life and talked about success. Smith said, “He hurt and laughed his way to the top.”

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Smiley is currently on a 40 day tour for his new book, “Stand By Your Truth And Then Run For Your Life.” When Smiley got up and gave a hug to Smith he began talking about how thankful he was. Smiley then began to talk about his kids and how thankful he is that God keeps them safe. Next thing Smiley began to break down a little after telling the congregation that his son was in treatment and is a week out of it.

He said, “A lot of parents have to bury their kid, but I’m thankful he let mine make it.” Smiley mentioned that television and radio don’t define him and he is so happy the Lord blesses him. Smiley might not be able to pay God for all that he is done, but he will keep telling him “thank you.”

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