When Colin Kaepernick started protesting police brutality by kneeling for the National Anthem during last NFL season, he unknowingly created a movement. Because of that tough decision, Kaepernick has found himself unsigned for the current football season, while less worthy quarterbacks are signed and playing. Outraged, people began to speak out about it, putting the national anthem protest front and center in America’s current political discourse. At a rally for Republican Sen. Luther Strange on Friday, Donald Trump publicly called for the NFL owners to fire any “sons of b**ches” who “disrespects our flag.”

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In response, NFL players- and some teams entirely -across the league withdrew from National Anthem participation in various ways. Meanwhile, NFL fans are divided, with some people claiming that protesting is “disrespect” to the flag and those who have served time in the military. But truthfully, that’s exactly what they served time for in the first place. Rickey Smiley explains why he stands with those who are protesting by not watching NFL games this season. Check out the video to hear more in this clip from “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.”

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