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Tonight’s episode of The Young and the Ratchet Love and Hip Hop Hollywood opens with Moniece having family day with Fizz Dreux, her son and AD, and it starts of nicely. Moniece passes a message to Fizz Dreux from Teairra–she’s sorry for kicking him out of her intervention (it comes out that Fizz Dreux has known Teairra since they were teen stars), but Dreux’s not even trippin.’ He just wants TT to get better. Then, Moniece talks about her drama and Dreux basically tells her politely to be grown and get it together.  Fizz Dreux is too grown or this show himself, but them checks…

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Anyway, AD is getting ready to have a photoshoot to promote her clothing store and she wants Moniece to be one of her models, but Tiffany, AD’s good friend who hates Moniece (and is probably in love with AD), will be there. Fast forward to the shoot. Moniece pulls Tiffany aside and asks her if she’s willing to move forward. Tiffany’s energy is still stank. She says Moniece should apologize to her. Moniece surprisingly apologies for her part, but rightfully feels she’s owed an apology too, and Tiffany doesn’t budge. AD steps in and tells Tiffany that she’s dead wrong. None of this goes well. Tiffany just comes across as a hater and that’s that, but she’s lucky Moniece doesn’t drag her. You know how she does.

Never forget:


Hold that thought though.

Zell and Keyshia’s cousin hook Keyshia up on a blind date. This is probably Keyshia’s third appearance all season so it’s worth mentioning. Is anyone else starting to think that Keyshia signed up more for Booby, to help get his music out there? I digress. Anyway, Zell hooked Keyshia up with an IG comedian who was a nice guy, but as goofy as you’d imagine. Her ended up going on the date too and yeah…it’s every bit of awkward as you’d expect. Keyshia even cuts the date short and does not leave him with her number. They end on amicable terms, but you know Keyshia isn’t with the BS. She’s a straight shooter and she doesn’t see a future with this man. We get our comic relief though, no pun intended, because he definitely seemed star struck. 


Moniece and AD get together and discuss what happened with Tiffany. Basically, they’ve had lots of turmoil in the beginning of their relationship, AD allegedly ran to Tiffany to vent, which is why TIffany doesn’t like Moniece. AD claims she didn’t say the all the stuff Tiffany claims she did, but yeah right. It also comes out that Moniece forced AD to move in with her. AD complied, but the idea of moving in with Moniece gave her lots of anxiety so why she moved in anyway is completely lost on us. Obviously, they do have issues, but at the same time, Tiffany needs to mind her business. Moniece also seems to want everything on her terms and she needs to work on that otherwise she’s headed for another breakup.


Earlier in this episode, we’ve been set up for beef between Brooke and Hazel E. They’re both from Houston so this is on some wannabe alpha female, who reps it best type stuff (and also potentially Booby, because he and Hazel may or may not have had something going on at one point back in the day).  These two come face to face at some showcase where Booby is performing. They start going at it almost immediately and even Bridget Kelly starts going in on Brooke’s behalf, and we’re all like, Bridget Kelly gets it popping?


Then again, she is from pre-gentrified NYC. Anyway, Hazel starts doing what she does, rattling off how much everything she has costs and Bridget Kelly slides in with the, “My money is in savings, not on my chest.”


Brooke eventually gets back in the game and lunges at Hazel, but there’s actually a divider between them and you already know that security got that on lock too. No real brutality actually goes down, but it’s about to next week’s episode is about to be poppin’ with more drama.

The preview shows beef between Zell and Masika heating up, AD and Moniece might actually break up, and so on. The Hollywood drama doesn’t stop.


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