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An Unlikely Duo!

Kanan finally sees his opening to make a move on Ghost and finally get the plan in motion. Ghost literally looks as if he seen a damn ghost himself as he thought he finished Kanan once and for all.

Kanan forces Ghost into his vehicle and tells him to drive as he breaks everything down. Kanan reveals to Ghost that he has his son and if he wants to see him alive he will cough up the dough. Now here’s the thing about that, Ghost is broke and doesn’t have any money thanks to the feds.

Kanan of course isn’t trying to hear that shit and tells Ghost he better figure something out. Ghost is the master of quick thinking decides to hit up one of Tommy’s stash houses for the cash. The plan almost goes off without a hitch until Kanan decides to kill one of the dudes in the stash house. Now these two were supposed to be the dream team back in the day but it was quite comical seeing them working together. Especially seeing how sloppy Kanan is but nonetheless the mission is accomplished and Ghost has the money to free his son. During the journey to Riq’s location, Ghost does his best to connect with whatever ounce of brotherhood is left in Kanan.

Ghost manages to squeeze out who exactly is holding his son hostage when Kanan reveals that it’s Jukebox. She must be the Omar Little out of the crew cause Ghost looks absolutely mortified upon finding out that information.

Speaking of Jukebox her patience is wearing thin with everyone involved in this plan especially Riq. The young St.Patrick has no idea what his “friends” have in store for him, once he comes off his lean kick he decides he has to go home. Unfortunately for him, Jukebox has no intentions of letting him leave the location where he is being held alive. Riq makes his way towards the door but Jukebox is right behind him and gun-butts him in the back of his head knocking him unconscious. Honestly we have to admit we got a kick out of seeing that cause Riq’s annoying ass deserved it.

Ghost and Kanan finally arrive at Riq’s location, before they walk in the house Ghost makes one last pitch to Kanan to spare his son. It’s seem that maybe Riq reminded Kanan of himself when he was younger and he grew to like the kid as he hung out with him. Ghost’s frantic plea actually works because Kanan has a change of heart and hands Ghost a gun.

Now who saw that coming? Upon taking the gun, Ghost quickly turns it on Kanan and he isn’t surprised by the move. Ghost asks why did he give him the gun? Kanan tells Ghost that he’s not going to forgive and he is not going to let him go and that Jukebox is going to kill them both the minute Ghost’s gives her that money. Kanan isn’t even sure if Jukebox isn’t gonna kill him as well. So he makes the decision to help Ghost get his son back.

With a new plan in place they enter the hideout and the sight of his son tied up in a chair instantly puts a painful look on Ghost’s face. Things quickly escalate once Jukebox realizes that Kanan and Ghost are there to kill her and get Riq back. She doesn’t hesitate to put a gun to Riq’s head and threatens to blow his brains out in front of his father.

Jukebox forces Kanan to reveal what his true intentions were to Riq and tell him who he really is. Kanan tells Riq that Slim wasn’t real and that he was just gaming him to get the money. Kanan also reveals that he killed his own son Shawn because he was soft and not like Riq and he would do it all over again. Damn that boy Kanan is a cold-blooded brother. During Kanan’s testimonial, Ghost inches closer to Jukebox, she tells him to back up giving Kanan an opportunity to deliver the fatal gunshot wounds.

Ghost quickly frees Riq from the chair and hugs his son like he’s never hugged him before. Kanan quickly shifts his attention to Ghost and Riq with his gun pointed at them. Kanan decides to keep it moving telling Riq he will see him around, he  picks up the bag of money and runs out of the hideout. We are left with image of Ghost and Riq still embracing after dodging a serious bullet.

We just hope Riq has learned a valuable lesson and cuts the nonsense out cause we ain’t got time for his antics no more. With these new developments we can’t wait to see how this all plays out on next week’s episode of Power, and of course make sure your right back here for out recap.

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