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Dre vs Julio

We love Rotimi here at Stuff Fly People Like, we really do,but we cannot stand Dre and his double-crossing self. Last week we were absolutely ecstatic to see that Julio caught him having a conversation with Kanan at the temporary spot. Unfortunately Julio doesn’t get to share that information with the people who need to know and that is Tommy and Ghost.

Julio is fed up with Dre’s antics and that conversation between him and Kanan was the last straw. Julio and Dre eventually meet up and Julio presses Dre about that conversation. Dre who has become exceptionally good at lying to save his skin convinces Julio that conversation was about nothing and that he dismissed Kanan.

Dre manages to shift the focus on Cristobal going around boasting to the other primeras that he is getting more product than them. He also tells Julio about a plan that the other primeras are looking to gang up on Cristobal and that they want to meet. Julio was hesitant at first but then he agrees to the meeting. Once they go their separate ways sneaky ass Dre hits up Cristobal setting up a separate meeting. Dre links up with Cristobal and members of Julio’s for gang the Toros Locos.

Ghost originally saved his boy Julio from the gang by buying his freedom from them. They take their mantra of “blood in, blood out” very seriously and want Julio’s blood badly. Dre tells them that Ghost is no longer in the picture and agrees to deliver Julio to them. In return all they have to do is take him out and at the same time don’t make it look like a gang killing.

Damn Dre, Julio arrives at what he thought was going to be meeting but instead will be a battle for his life. His former Toros Locos brethren press him about leaving and let Julio know his blood is the only thing that will settle this.

Julio holds his own even though the odds were stacked against him. He was able to dispatch two of his attackers but was badly injured during the fight. Julio is eventually taken down by the leader and his signature 718 tattoo on his neck is cut off.

So much for not making this look like gang hit. This death hit hard though, Julio was one of our favorite characters on the show.

Things are going to get very interesting when both Tommy and Ghost find out about Julio,


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