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Tommy’s Interesting Stay In Chicago

Tommy finally arrives in Chicago and he’s very nervous as he doesn’t truly trust the individuals he has to meet with. We are introduced to a new character named Jason Micic (Mike Dupod) ,he is the head of the suppliers who provide Tommy with the weight he moves.

Jason reveals to Tommy that Ghost is no longer in prison, Tommy would have known that information if he had his cell phone. Cutting right to the chase,Jason tells Tommy that they no longer want Ghost to be involved in any capacity with the drug operation. Tommy immediately thinks well duh he’s out of the game except for them using the club to move product. Jason is like nope, we want him off the table entirely, they don’t even want their products being moved in the club.

It sounds like they want Tommy to cancel Christmas on Ghost, BUT Tommy has already been down this road before and has no plans of venturing down it again.

With that established, Jason tells Tommy that either way Ghost has to go period! Jason also reveals to Tommy that they are expanding the business to Los Angeles and he wants Tommy to run both coasts but the catch is Ghost can’t be anywhere near it. Tommy gladly accepts the new role and it’s stipulations and is ready to head back to NYC but Jason insists he stays for the celebration. Something really fishy is going on here.

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We catch back up with Tommy and he’s celebrating his new position with Jason and his crew. Everything looks all good as they are enjoying some fine cuisine (not people) and good alcohol.

Tommy isn’t holding back on the drinks and we learn that is exactly what Jason and co were hoping for. When they leave the restaurant Tommy is drunk out of his mind leaving him vulnerable to anything. Seizing the moment one of Jason’s men hit Tommy in the back of his head and throw him in the trunk of a car. When Tommy wakes up, he is pulled out of the trunk and thrown in front of an open grave.

The ghost of Milan is rearing its ugly head and Tommy is in trouble with the Serbs for his death. Petar betrays Tommy and tells Jason that Tommy went ahead without his approval and took out Milan. Tommy is beside himself and can’t believe what he is hearing and pleads his case that Petar knew about everything. While they debate for Tommy’s life a woman name Tatiana emerges from one of the vehicles. Jason has a quick word with her after hearing both sides. Jason comes back and the tension mounts, someone is going to die tonight for killing Milan.

Jason walks up Tommy and he has a vision of Holly as his life begins to flash before his eyes. Jason winds up killing Petar and sparing Tommy after Tatiana decides she believes what Tommy had to say. Tommy dodges another bullet…LITERALLY!

Tommy and Jason exchange pleasantries after that nerve-racking experience as if he didn’t have a gun to his head a few minutes ago. The two speak of looking forward to working with each other and Tommy gets the hell out of there. While on the road back to NYC, Tommy sees an exit sign for Cleveland – Holly’s hometown for those of you who forgot. If you did we don’t blame you because we quickly forgot about Holly once Tommy choked the life out of her. Tommy pulls up in front of Holly’s old house which is up-for-sale and notices a guy going inside.

Tommy heads inside the house as if he is looking to purchase the home initially. We learn his true intentions when he starts asking if the guy enjoys having sex with his daughters? Turns out the guy Tommy is speaking with is Holly’s uncle, Sam Weaver and Holly used to stay with him.

With a baseball in hand, Tommy continues to press Sam about his inappropriate actions with his then 9-year-old niece. Sam’s replies of her being “fast” and “she wanted it” didn’t help his cause as Tommy begins to go ham on his head like it’s a Donald Trump pinata.

Tommy definitely hasn’t gotten over Holly, we guess this is his way of coping or gaining solace for taking her life. But still deep down inside Tommy is definitely still hurting.


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