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Ghost Gets A Surprise Visit!

Ghost is eager to hit the ground running and start making some money again. He heads over to see his other baby, his club Truth cause he missed her so much.

Unbeknownst to him, Kanan is waiting for him in a car parked not to far from the club. Kanan is looking to make his move on Ghost and get operation payback in motion.

Kanan will have to put his plan to surprise Ghost on pause when notices that Ghost is about to have some company in the club. Back inside Truth, Ghost is all smiles as he soaks in the club atmosphere that he missed so much. His moment is interrupted by his *sarcastic voice* favorite person Simon Stern.

Stern is the last person on the planet that Ghost wanted to see right now and he is not to happy to see his former business rival. Ghost tries to dismiss Stern from his club, unfortunately for him though Stern is about to reveal some info to him that he’s not going to like. While in prison fighting for his freedom,Tasha took Stern up on his offer and borrowed a large sum of money from him. By doing so, Tasha has backed her husband into a corner and now he has to hear him out. Ghost is visibly perturbed at the situation now !

The loan that Tasha took gives Stern the necessary leverage he needed over Ghost to lure him into his latest venture. Stern’s racist ass wants Ghost to join his real estate group and use his melanin to acquire a minority business development loan and tax breaks..

Ghost has enough shit to worry about and now thanks to Tasha, Stern is officially back in the fold. Ghost’s unwanted meeting with Stern is interrupted by a phone call from Tony Teresi.

Teresi is growing impatient with Ghost and wants to know what’s the holdup with handing Tommy the phone. Unfortunately for Ghost, Tommy is in Chicago so he won’t be getting that phone no time soon.Now while Ghost is dealing with his business partner, Kanan is still waiting outside for the perfect opportunity to make his move. Kanan calls Jukebox to give her a progress report and she’s not happy that Kanan hasn’t gotten the money from Ghost yet.

Jukebox threatens to just go ahead and kill Riq if he doesn’t secure Ghost and the money as soon as possible. Who would have thought we would have experienced someone who is more cold-blooded and merciless than Kanan’s ass. Ghost and Riq are definitely in trouble with these two plotting against them.

After his unwanted meeting with Stern, Ghost heads home to have a conversation with Tasha about her decision to take Stern’s money. As you can imagine Ghost is furious that Tasha “made a deal with the devil” without informing him about it. Now one could say this is payback for Ghost not telling her about the deal he was offered that could have saved both her and the kids while he was still fighting his case.

Tasha main defense for taking the money from Stern was:

Thanks to the feds freezing all of the St.Patrick’s assets, Tasha had no choice but to make the move. Ghost finally calms down and explains the nature of the deal and how Simon want’s to use his ass for a tax break. The two finally agree on two things though:

A. Ghost can find a way to make this work for the family.

B. They still can’t trust each other but somehow, someway they will make this work for them.

One thing we all should have learned after watching four seasons of Power is that when Tasha and Ghost put their minds together they work magic.


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