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Ghost Wants To Start Over

Ghost is looking for a fresh start,hell beating a case — in which you could have possibly have gotten the death penalty will do that to a man.

Ghost is still haunted by his brief jail stint and is having nightmares of smashing Marshal Williams (Charlie Murphy) skull in like he was in epic Game of Throneish battle to the death. R.I.P. to Charlie Murphy by the way!

With all of these memories and thoughts running through his head he decides to try his luck with Tasha.He notices that he woke up in the bed alone, Ghost asks Tasha where did she sleep at?

Tasha tells him she slept in Raina’s room since she is sleeping over at a friends house.Ghost insists that Tasha doesn’t have to do that, he also tells Tasha that he appreciates everything she has done for him. Things get interesting once he turns on the smoothness and brings up the idea of the struggling couple smoothing things out and starting over.

Tasha was immediately shuts that down and gives Ghost the lowest of keys negro please look.

Tasha breaks it down to Ghost that they are only playing house to keep the feds off them and dassit. Ghost insists and brings up the fact that he wished he never saw Angela in Truth that night and that she is no longer in the picture. 

Tasha isn’t even trying to hear it at the moment but does tell Ghost they can talk about it later. It’s clear that at the moment Tasha has no interest in taking Ghost back. Besides we remember how she was looking Silver last week when he stopped by.


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