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The Internet has been buzzing over the revelation that Usher allegedly paid a woman $1.1 million for giving her herpes. Now, more information is surfacing and it’s possible the woman wasn’t just some random fling. She’s allegedly the woman Usher had an affair with outside of his marriage to ex-wife Tameka Raymond.

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It was reported back in 2012 that Usher allegedly slept with one of Tameka’s friends. This woman, Maya Fox-Davis, was not only one of Tamekas besties, but she was was a bridesmaid in Tameka’s marriage to Usher. A closer look at the court documents in the herpes scandal by StraighFromTheA show the name on the check Usher sent to his alleged sexual partner. It reads Maya Fox-Davis.

Davis is a celebrity stylist and Usher reportedly admitted to having sex with her during his divorce proceedings with Tameka.

Tameka responded to the herpes ordeal saying she has nothing to do with the allegations or incident. “Some issues are not my business,” she said. “Ex husbands, ex friends, b*tch-maids, snakes, hoes, characters, etc. Not my circus, not my clowns.” She continued, “I’m good and my health (Everywhere is great), well my right knee hurts and I need reading glasses but otherwise I’m awesome and enjoying the sun.”

Usher has yet to directly comment on all the controversy. We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.


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