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Tiny Harris‘ BFF Shekinah Jo posted a photo of herself crying on Instagram earlier this, leaving people wondering what was going on with the reality star.

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In the cryptic post, she alleged that she was involved in a domestic violence dispute, however she later deleted the photo. On Tuesday, the outspoken hairstylist took to Instagram Live to explain why she posted the photo of herself during the altercation and with visible mark around her eye.

She said in the video, “Yesterday, I was not in a good space. A lot of people called and text me and I thank you for the love and support. I’m real. I don’t know if any of y’all know that, and I don’t have anything to hide from none of y’all. Right now I’m sitting over here messed up and I’m going through it. However, I feel like I owe it to y’all because I put it out there to explain my situation. Yesterday, was a bad day. I got into an altercation with someone. It was a bad situation.”

Shekinah continued, “It was something I wasn’t even looking forward to. Yes, I did call the police. I called the police before I went on Instagram. I got pissed off at the police because they weren’t coming. I was like ‘hey, somebody needs to know with this man has done to me. I don’t approve of no woman getting their a** beat.”

But it didn’t stop there. She even two different occasions where she got into with ex, adding, “The first time me and this young man got into it we were tussling, because I was hitting him. It ain’t no secret. I was hitting him. He accused me of something and I popped him. I was wrong. I take that. The second time he mushed me in my face before I went to ‘The Real’. Let’s get it clear. I didn’t get my a** beat. I got mushed in my face. That was wrong too. Nobody don’t deserve to be mushing nobody in the face. But got mushed.”

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#Shekinah got on #Live to clarify the situation. Why her friend said it was a stranger that hit her is beyond me. Shekinah does admit it was her boyfriend who did it, they're no longer together . She also says she posted the photo because she did call the cops and they were taking too long to get there so she posted is as a just in case, as a cry for help, and to warn any women he might be with in the future. She also said he did it to his #babymother also. She said she was good and that he 'beat my ass' but that God put her through this so she can warn others and guide young women. She spoke a lot on jealousy and haters and for people to please not hate her because she has no hate for anyone (not even for the man who beat her). This is her second abusive relationship. Slide for a picture also. #PressPlay #DomesticViolence #CupofMessy

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Check out the video above for the rest of her story.

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