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Episode 3, season 6 of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta picks right up where Kirk and Rasheeda saga ended last week. Rasheeda is putting the pressure on Kirk after she learned about Kirk messing around from Karlie Redd. It eventually works on Kirk and he was like:

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Kirk’s lying ass admits to sleeping with Jasmine but he doesn’t own up to moving Jasmine into the building,bringing her around the family or even having a relationship with her.

Kirk blamed it all on the alcohol!


Rasheeda is officially fed up, removes her wedding ring and kicks Kirk and his 3 earrings in one ear having self out of the house.

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Waka makes his return to the Love and Hip-Hop world and reveals to the fellas that he hasn’t been home in 6 months. Waka returns home to make his case, but Tammy isn’t trying to hear it all and tells Waka he’s got some work to do on repairing their relationship before he can come back home.

Waka is dead set on fixing things between him and Tammy claiming he misses his wife and daughter. We catch up with Tommie, last time we saw the firecracker she was about fight her momma. We are happy to report this episode she is not fighting and is looking to upgrade her friends. Instead of ending up in a cell, she’s looking to just become an Atlanta socialite. She links up with now stress free Tammy and they head to a “fashion show”.

At the show we are reunited with Jessica Dime, but the focus came on the tension between Tommie and Karlie Redd. Tommie still isn’t here for Karlie after she took her ex-man Scrap De Leon, the two have a very rocky exchange of words and share a awkward ass hug. Tommie is a changed person and opted not to put her hands and feet on Karlie and leaves. Immediately after she leaves she Karlie does what she does best and that is talk about other people’s business, mainly Kirk and Rasheeda’s business.

We even learn that now Mimi used to mess around with Rod too. Damn how many terrible ass men has Mimi messed with her in life?

Speaking of Mimi, she stops by Stevie’s crib to spill the beans on Kirk and Rasheeda’s situation. Man this story is making its rounds. They also used the moment to talk about Stevie’s dilemma with Joseline and the new baby. Mimi lets Stevie know that if in fact that Bonnie Bella is indeed his, she does not want Joseline around her daughter. Like she is the pillar of virtue herself.

Meanwhile… Joseline is still traveling around with a pair of Stevie’s DNA laced underwear and takes them to a DNA testing center. She quickly learns from the doctor she will not be able to use them because she ruined the sample and she needs Stevie’s permission to use his DNA. WELP!

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Last week we met Rod and tonight we learn that Jasmine isn’t his only girlfriend. Lord, Mona keeps the shenanigans coming. We learn he is actually in a three-way relationship with another stripper named Keanna that has something in common with Jasmine. The Keanna also has slept with Kirk as well!

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Rasheeda is hurt and understandably so, she links up with fellow hurt wife Tammy and the two confide in each other.

There were enough tears shed on the couch between the both of them.

Rasheeda admits to Tammy that baby is the breaking point for her. As if all the cheating Kirk was doing wasn’t enough though.

Ohhhh we are looking forward to how all this drama plays out next week, in the meantime hit the gallery to see the hilarious memes that generated from tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta.


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