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The season two finale of Empire picked up three weeks after Jamal got shot. Don’t worry, he’s alive, but depressed, brooding, and confined to a wheelchair (for now). His family gave him a nice homecoming party and even Momma Lucious was there to celebrate. Jamal’s family reminded him that Hakeem’s wedding was coming up and they asked him to sing, hoping it would lift his spirits, but Jamal wasn’t with it. He’s tired of the cycle of drama that plagues his family. He blew up at everyone, especially Lucious, saying that he wasn’t going to sing anymore, and that Freda was just as much a victim in this situation as he was.

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For a minute, we all wondered what the heck Momma Lucious said to the press at the ASA Awards, but it turned out she said nothing because Thirsty caught her before she could drop dime.

Anika went to Lucious, Cookie and their goons for help because the feds made it clear that they want her to testify against the Lyons in court. That meeting didn’t go too far because Rhonda ran up in there and choked the hell out of Boo Boo Kitty then punched her in the face.


Obviously, Rhonda firmly believes that it was Anika who pushed her down the stairs (she’s not wrong though). Boo Boo Kitty denied pushing Rhonda, once the melee was broken up, and all of the Lyons, including Andre, felt that Rhonda was tripping and that she wasn’t pushed.

Lucious’ next order of business was visiting Freda Gatz in jail to ask her why she shot him.


He tried hard to play dumb and convince Freda that he didn’t kill her father, which technically he didn’t.


The saving grace here is that Carol is a crackhead, so even though what she said was technically true (Lucious didn’t kill Frank Gathers himself, but he set it up, so he’s still behind it) you could still pull the credibility card there. Everybody knows that crackheads be lying.


Lucious played the innocent card well. He also managed to get Freda to record something that he planned to give Jamal in an effort to pull him out of his funk. Lucious’ act seemed to work because Freda recorded hot fire and even took him up on his offer to help her with legal representation. Lucious is the puppet master for real.


Lucious then paid Jamal a visit to discuss his chat with Freda and to hand him the track she recorded. Hearing the music seemed to get Jamal inspired enough to record a new song for the wedding, so we haven’t lost the most talented Lyon after all.

The episode had been relatively quiet thus far, but that’s going to change now that we’re at the main event, the wedding. This was supposed to be the wedding of the century, so everybody was there, even a few folks who probably should have been (like people from the Lyons’ checkered past). Just when we thought that Hakeem and Laura might actually tie the knot, a waitress comes through and serves Anika some court papers. After that, a fight broke out between one of the presumed snitches and another member of the Lyon entourage. Finally, Laura and her square family ran out because they’re not about that Lyon drama life (and no one blames them).


Lucious devised a plan for he and Anika to get married (their marriage license is still valid from when they were engaged) so she wouldn’t have to testify in court. Cookie was not happy about it, but it was what needed to be done and so it was done. Jamal sang, Hakeem sat sulking, looking like a sad puppy, and Lucious told Anika that he knows she pushed Rhonda as they walked out as husband and wife. At that moment she didn’t say anything, she just excused herself.

To add more drama to the situation, Tariq (the fed) paid them a visit to let them know that he’ll be hunting them [insert Cardi B voice] forevuh, and Momma Lucious recognized him as “Lucious’ half-brother.” That is when we flash back to the scene where Lucious’ watched his father get gunned down. The man who shot Lucious’ dad had a score to settle because apparently, Papa Lucious slept with his woman. The byproduct of that union was Tariq. Oop.


The episode ends with Anika standing on a balcony thinking about jumping. Rhonda ran up on her again, before she could make that decision, and they started scrapping. This time, Rhonda finally got the confession she wanted. Boo Boo kitty admitted that she wanted to have the only Lyon heir (duh!). The fight grew more intense and then Dre walked in right before someone went tumbling over the railing. We didn’t see who it was because we were focused on Dre, but we did hear a woman’s blood-curdling scream, which could only mean one thing—either Rhonda or Anika didn’t make it and we’re left with a literal cliffhanger until season three.

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