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Being Mary Jane star, Gabrielle Union recently partnered with Tylenol and their new campaign, #HowWeFamily

In the super cute new video, Gabrielle says that she’s from one of the largest African American families in Omaha, Nebraska. Every year her relatives get together for a family reunion (they’re 97 years strong), which also includes a parade around the city.

This unique upbringing made Gabrielle so receptive to being a step-mother to her husbands kids. “How I grew up, everyone was included and everyone counted. So marrying into a family of three boys and becoming a step mom to three kids is an extension of how I grew up. The more the merrier. Everyone counts; everyone has a space.”

In the video we watch the Wade’s enjoying a birthday party, seemingly for Dwayne’s 7-year old son, Zion. The celebration seems like any little boys dream with lots of friends, family, singing and dancing as well as a huge cake and an ice cream truck.

There’s a slight hypocrisy in the video as Gabrielle is very adamant about saying “Dwayne’s three kids” referring to his two sons, Zaire and Zion with former wife Siohvaughn as well as his nephew that he has legal custody of, Dahveon.

However, prior to the couple getting married, we remember Dwayne had a “break baby”, Xavier who’s now 2-years-old. So regardless of whether or not Dwayne has custody of that fourth child, he still has, four kids!

“I was raised in a family that was all about unconditional love and no matter what incarnation your family comes in, you are enough. To be apart of a program that celebrates all different types of families, I jumped at the chance” says Gabrielle in the video.

Her husband also sings her parental praises in the new issue of Ocean Drive Magazine. The 33-year-old Wade looks good shirtless and in a sunhat on the cover of the lifestyle publication. Here he shares how his boys feel about Gabrielle, “She’s been through a lot. She’s seen a lot. Her voice is wanted not only from me, but the kids as well. They have a mother and she’s not trying to replace their mother, but in our household, she’s the lady in charge and they respect her for it.”

He also gives insight on the challenges of raising two teenagers. “When you get to a certain age, girls become the thing and that’s all you care about – girls and sports. I want them to be comfortable having those conversations with us. That’s not the easiest thing, but I think we’ve done a pretty good job so far.”

Check out the #HowWeFamily video below you can also watch an extended clip here. What do you think about the Wade’s latest comments on parenting? Should they have acknowledged his youngest son?


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