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Ne-Yo and his girlfriend Crystal Renay are secretly married, according to Entertainment Tonight, and they’re also expecting. Ne-Yo announced the pregnancy on Instagram.

The baby is a blessing, but there’s a tinge of messiness, and even a splash of life lessons to be learned from this situation. Remember Monyetta Shaw? She and Ne-Yo were engaged once upon a time ago, and she is the mother of his two children. She is most well known for talking about getting her tubes burned because Ne-Yo said he didn’t want anymore children.

They never got married, and we saw her sad story play out on Atlanta Exes, where it was obvious that she still wanted to be with Ne-Yo.  She also mentioned that she regretted her decision to burn her tubes, because she wanted to be able to have more children if she got into another serious relationship, since things probably weren’t going to work out with Ne-Yo.

The comments section on the above photo is bananas! Many commenters seem to sympathize with Monyetta, which is understandable. She altered her body for the sake of a man that she wasn’t even married to! Sure, she believed they were headed down the altar, but she could have at least waited until it was official.

 photo Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.44.00 PM_zpsr4wnichz.png

The lesson here is, don’t compromise your body for someone who may not really be all in it for you.

Ever since Crystal Renay’s BFF dropped via Instagram the news that she was 1. pregnant and 2. allegedly married to R&B crooner Ne-Yo, social media users have had a field say hitting up both Ne-Yo and Renay’s Instagram with a whole lotta hate directed to the couple. The reason?

Viewers of Atlanta Exes saw Ne-Yo’s ex-fianceé Monyetta Shaw, tearfully confess that Ne-Yo had asked her to get her tubes tied after the couple had their two children. Although both acknowledge the couple’s long been broken up and Ne-Yo confessed to his own immaturity/infidelity in the situation, Ne-Yo has since made Shaw co-owner of his million-dollar Atlanta condo and the two seem to be on good terms.

Well, this is what comes from minding other people’s business. Ne-Yo responded to all of the above via Twitter, refuting just about everything except that he does have a third child on the way. Here’s what he had to say:

Ne-Yo also took the time and replied to fans who asked why he was marrying Renay instead of Shaw (he said that sometimes you just know things in your heart) and whether or not he would still be a present father to his children with Shaw. (Of course.) To read more of his responses, check out his official Twitter feed HERE.

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