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Bishop T.D. Jakes is hopeful that the LGBT community and Black churches will be able to coexist peacefully. He stopped by the Huffington Post Live earlier this week and chatted with Marc Lamont-Hill about his thoughts on the relationship between the two communities.

“I think that it’s going to diverse from church to church every church has a different opinion on the issue and every gay person is different,” Jakes said.

Jakes added that he believes churches are allowed to practice and preach values shared by their respective leaders, and encourages LGBT people to attend a church that aligns with their own beliefs.

“LGBT’s of different types and sorts have to find a place of worship that reflects what your views are and what you believe like anyone else,” he said. “And the church should have it’s own convictions and values.”

Jakes says that the LGBT community deserves equal protection under the law, like anyone else, and describes his personal stance on homosexuality as “evolved and evolving.”

Hopefully his tolerance and respect will start rubbing off on some of the more hateful among us.


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