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These days, to be a housewife, you don’t actually need to be married. When Kenya Moore joined the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast, she claimed (and some might say feigned) a pending engagement as an excuse for her presence on the show. Kandi Buruss, now married to Todd Tucker, was not married when she joined the show in its second season, and Porsha Williams, of course, is no longer married to her ex Kordell Stewart.

Kenya’s singleness ended up generating a lot of drama (and thus, buzz) when we were suddenly unsure of whether or not her and Phaedra Parks‘ husband, Apollo, were beginning an inappropriate relationship behind Phaedra’s back. For Kandi, finding her husband while in the throws of filming for RHOA lead to a whole spin-off series dedicated to the planning and execution of her wedding. Being a “single” housewife doesn’t look so bad.

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While it’s unconfirmed whether or not Claudia Jordan will actually join the cast or not, if she were to, her singleness would certainly pay off. For one thing, it is indisputable that her success is all her own, having competed in the junior Olympics when she was younger and now rising in popularity as a TV and radio personality. This makes her entirely Real Housewives material, alongside the likes of history-making songwriter Kandi Buruss, Miss USA’s title-winning Kenya Moore and attorney and businesswoman Phaedra Parks.

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Additionally, who wouldn’t want to take a peak into a single woman’s dating life? Who knows whether Claudia is dating someone right now, but if she is, it would add a lot to the show, seeing as the single lifestyle is currently somewhat unrepresented on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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Claudia has also opened up about having survived an abusive relationship, and her contributions to the discussions about domestic violence that have recently been circulating have been incredibly insightful. With the strength of that perspective supporting her, she would make a wonderful addition to the powerful women that make up RHOA’s cast.

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