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According to TMZ,  Mase has officially left the pulpit at the El Elyon International Church to go back to rapping full time.

If you recall, Mase, “retired” from the Hip Hop game back in 1999 to pursue a career in the ministry. He built up thousands of followers split between two different churches. One church was in Atlanta and the other in Phoenix.

Ma$e spoke often about the virtues of marriage and family values.

But that all went to the left earlier this year when it was discovered that Ma$e and his wife were divorcing. His followers felt betrayed because they had been lied to. Ma$e and his wife were trying to sell books about relationships when their own relationship was falling apart.

Many of his flock left the church in disgust while others stood by his side and didn’t abandon him when it got bad.

Well, we guess unfortunately for them…Ma$e doesn’t seem to care because he’s trading them in for the entertainment industry which is the grimiest game in town!

He’s dropped all ties with both churches and is playing regular rap gigs around LA. He is reportedly  jumping back into his former lifestyle hardcore.

Well to that we say ain’t God good?! Because we’re pretty sure God didn’t want that guy faking the funk and deceiving people in his name. Amen?!

Folks try to remember this when choosing your pastors or people you turn to for spiritual guidance…not everybody who claims to work for God is actually on God’s payroll!

Welp we guess Ma$e is back to the stuff in the video below!




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