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At what point is Kanye West just going to show up to a show and perform for the throngs of people who are still willing to pay for tickets to see him? No one is paying for him to don a mask and spazz.  They want to vibe out to his music and enjoy themselves.

At some point Kanye is going to give back every last bit of the celebrity that he’s been able to get if he doesn’t cut it out. It stopped being amusing about a year ago.

Take a listen to the crowd as they talk over his rants and at one point actually boo him in the video below!

Welp…that’s crazy Uncle Kanye for ya….his refusal to read the room is going to be the death of his career if he’s not careful.

This man needs serious therapy and a hug or something…but his issues are not for public consumption. And until he finally gets that…we’re not too confident that his ever frustrated fans are going to stick around for the outcome.

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