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What kind of craziness is this? It’s being reported that there was some sort of fight happening ON THE STAGE while 50 Cent was performing at Summer Jam 2014 in New York City on Sunday evening!

According to XXL,

 “A fight broke out on stage as G-Unit was performing. Slow from Slow Bucks was was angered as security refused to let him join G-Unit on stage. Lloyd Banks also looked upset about the situation. Fabolous had to calm down and walk Slow off the stage. Hot 97′s Ebro Darden also had to talk with Bucks to de-escalate the situation. A source at Summer Jam says that Slow has problems with one of the crew members of 50 Cent.”

However, is reporting a much different story! says,

“Members of Slowbucks were assaulted and had their chains snatached. As shown in video provided by Real Talk NYaround the 1:41 mark of the video, you can clearly see a group of men kicking and punching a man on the ground. Interestingly enough, 50 Cent takes a gander over at the mayhem and continues to play hypeman Fabolous’ verse.”

Take a look at the video of the alleged incident below!


We don’t know if either of the stories are right but we do know that legendary Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee took to his instagram to address Slowbucks…take a look at the tweet below.


Screenshot 2014-06-02 03.01.43

So now that just served to add more mystery to the entire story! With all of the ties that Slowbucks has to the media and the game at large…we’re pretty sure they will clear this up…sooner than later!

Until then we’ll just hope that nothing worse happens on either side of this situation. The energy has gotten funky pretty quickly.

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