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The new season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” started with a bang and continues to put the drama of the cast on full display. In the upcoming episode, Joseline and Stevie J‘s former assistant Donna, who was Joseline’s booking manager for a hot minute last season, goes to MiMi to expose the fake couple.

When Donna meets with MiMi, she tells her that she no longer works with Stevie and Joseline. Apparently, whatever happened to end Donna’s working relationship with Stevie and Joseline was enough to make her so spiteful that she went and shared all types of unflattering information with Stevie’s ex/baby mama MiMi Faust. Donna says the marriage between the former Hitmen producer and the Puerto Rican Princess is fabricated.

MiMi says she knew they were lying all along because there was no marriage certificate. Donna said the couple knew that would come up that’s why they had Benzino announce their marriage on the cover of his magazine Hip Hop Weekly.

Check out the sneak peek below.

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