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Ok, so I thought I was done writing about Scandal but apparently I’m not because Columbus Short seems to be heading towards the deep end.

In an interview that he gave this morning to TJMS he spoke a little bit about his wife, the single he just dropped and the ending of Scandal’s season finale that just aired last night. I’ve decided to make a list of the 3 weirdest things he said in the interview.

1. Using the ‘N’ Word

Now I know that men tend to use the ‘N’ word in conversation all the time but hearing Columbus refer to Tom as his ‘N’ word was strange to say the least. At first I was like “he’s just being friendly and forgot he was giving an interview” or something but as the interview continued I don’t think that was the case.

2. Was Harrison Shot Or Not?

When asked if Harrison had gotten shot or not Columbus initially avoided the conversation completely the way any actor who had been in a hit show’s cliffhanger. But then he seemed to get upset that they thought he’d actually gotten shot and claimed that he wasn’t dead. Well Shonda might kill you off now.

3. His Single And His Wife

Tom tried to change the subject by bringing up the song he released in the end of March ‘Gave Ya‘ and things seemed to be going in the right direction, but when Sybil tried to ask him what his wife thought about it he started to bad mouth out of no where. At this point the team tried to rap the interview up quickly and J. Anthony even advised that Columbus shouldn’t give interviews if he doesn’t want people talking about him like he claims. Hopefully he’ll take that advice.

If you’d like to make up your own opinions the interview is posted below:

To say he sounded off would be an understatement, hopefully it was only because he called a little after 4am Pacific time and he’d been partying the whole night. But considering that his wife claims he threatened to kill her and himself maybe we should be a little more concerned before he becomes another tragic story.