TerRio Arsenio

Seven-year-old  ”Mr. Ooh, kill ‘em” TerRio was interviewed on Arsenio’s show and…well…yeah you just sort of have to see it for yourself!

Take a look at the interview below!



Did you see the look on that kid’s face when Arsenio started freestyling his own part of the dance? He was feeling a way! We think Arsenio did alright there young fella…sometimes we gotta freestyle it if we’re feeling it!

Okay now, we get that TerRio is a child and you must be delicate with these matters…but…what do they mean he will lose weight if we Re-Tweet his tweet about losing weight? Should he not be losing weight because it is dangerous to his health to be a seven-year-old little boy who weighs that much? We’re just curious.


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