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Well, it’s happened. The government has shut down because they couldn’t come to one accord on the spending bill to fund their own paychecks. It was a classic case of Democrats vs. Republicans. The House Republicans wanted the spending bill to include anti-Obamacare amendments and the Senate Democrats absolutely did not. Each side is blaming one another for the shutdown. This hiatus won’t end until President Obama and Congress agree on a spending bill. Both stubborn parties are poised to prolong this battle though!

It’s being reported that over 800,000 workers will be forced to stay home from work, without pay! Only those declared “essential” are allowed to go into work.

Ok, ok, so before we get all dramatic, take a breath–this is not a full government shutdown, it’s only partial. Members of Congress, troops and those “essential” employees will still be able to work and get that money.

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Obamacare has been at the core of Congress’s argument over funds. But President Obama said it once, with or without government backing, Obamacare will start today and it has. President Obama released a statement today, attempting to ease the minds of the effected public:

“Those of you in uniform will remain on your normal duty status. Congress has passed, and I am signing into law, legislation to make sure you get your paychecks on time. And we’ll continue working to address any impact this shutdown has on you and your families.”

“To all our DOD civilians—I know the days ahead could mean more uncertainty, including possible furloughs. And I know this comes on top of the furloughs that many of you already endured this summer. You and your families deserve better than the dysfunction we’re seeing in Congress. … That’s why I’ll keep working to get Congress to reopen our government and get you back to work as soon as possible.”

This is the first time the government has shut down in 17 years. In 1995, the year of President Clinton, the government leaned on interns to take on expanded roles after a shutdown. One ambitious young intern was able to get closer to President Clinton as a result, and became the talk of the town for being his..well, jumpoff. This time around, the government seems to be re-thinking the use of interns to fill the vacant roles.

While the military will remain on duty, many government offices will be closed until the shutdown is over.

Check out what exactly shuts down here.

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