After a do or die game 6 win over the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday night, The Miami Heat found themselves only 4 quarters of basketball away from a national title. LeBron,his headband and a much more involved Dwyane Wade were not to be defeated tonight as The Miami Heat won the 2013 National Championship 95 -88.

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Manu Ginobili found himself once again shooting from anywhere on the court and not making most of his shots in the 4th quarter during critical possessions, as well as committing countless senseless turnovers throughout the game. It was as a result of this that many questioned why Gregg Popovich  would keep Manu Ginobili in the game while sitting Tony Parker out in the last minute of the 4th quarter when The Spurs were only down by a few points.

Another hard moment to watch in the 4th was a missed layup opportunity and put-back attempt by Tim Duncan late in the quarter during what was to be one of the last two critical possessions of the game.

Check out the highlights below!

While The Heat were favored to win by most accounts all along, this series will still go down in history as the series that many questioned officiating across the board. Several of the games during the series had instant replays that clearly showed fouls that were wrongfully not called in favor of The Spurs and erroneous calls that went in favor of The Heat. NBA fans are feeling quite distrustful of the refs in a way that they haven’t in quite a while. Let the conspiracy theories commence!

But before the allegations get completely underway, let’s stop and be sure to salute the new 2013 Miami Heat Championship Team. Whether you were riding for them or not they are the winners and this is their moment! Congrats!


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