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The attorney’s for the defense in the George Zimmerman Murder Trial are at it again, and their strategy is definitely going to be to play to stereotype!

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In regards to picking their ideal jurors for the Zimmerman trial, a source close to the situation told Radar Online,  the defense is

 “Focused on seating the best jury possible that would likely acquit his client. This will be the most important part of the case, it will all come down to jury selection. The case will be won or lost before opening statements. The defense’s ideal juror would be an older working professional, or a retiree, and someone who hasn’t been following the case in the media.”

Gee, wonder who out of the jury pool might also be suspicious of a young African American teen, like Trayvon Martin, walking around in their neighborhood. Or better yet, who among that jury pool would give George Zimmerman a pass for murdering a young African American teen who  was walking along in his neighborhood.

The fact that they want someone who hasn’t been tainted by the media is fair. However, we don’t think the defense is worried about individuals learning pre-trial details about Zimmerman. We think they are more concerned about, anyone who views Trayvon as a kid with a pack of Skittles in his hand, getting on that jury.

George Zimmerman is entitled to being tried in front of a jury of his peers, but we are not sure when he became an “older working professional” or a “retiree” for that matter! Those aren’t his peers, that’s just a deep south strategy to dish up more of the same to this kid who is no longer on this earth.

It feels as though racism has played it’s role in taking this child’s life. But is institutional racism being factored in to his death as well?


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