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“RHOA”star Porsha Stewart appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” with host Andy Cohen, and finally opened up about her divorce from Kordell Stewart.

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When asked by Cohen about the moment she found out Kordell wanting to split up, she said she found out via Twitter.

Porsha revealed that her sister called her a number of times the morning the news broke, but she was asleep at the time. When she returned her sister’s phone calls, she then went on Twitter and saw that Kordell was serving her with divorce papers.

“I thought, ‘this is just a crazy joke!’” Porsha said.

Porsha thought it was a prank, as Kordell was in the next room when she saw the divorce details.

“I asked my husband … had he filed, and just a long story short, I felt very disappointed and let down,” she told Andy. “When I got married, I meant it for life. … I was heartbroken.”

Fellow WWHL guest Vivica A. Fox chimed in and asked her if she ever found out the reason for the sudden filing, Porsha dodged that question, but answered that she had to confirm with her attorney that it was really happening.

“Long story short, I was very disappointed and let down. When I got married, I meant it for life. I always said I’d never get a divorce unless he cheated on me or something like that,” says Stewart, who was married to the former quarterback for two years. “I was heartbroken. Like I am still right now. I’m a brave woman and I know I’m living this out in front of the world because of the way it was done.”

But it gets better, Porsha revealed she and her ex are still living under the same roof:

“It’s a difficult, difficult situation right now. It’s something I did not want at all,” adding that though the former couple are roommates, she stopped performing her wifely duties after the divorce papers were filed. “I didn’t say we speak and I didn’t say I’m cookin’. Ain’t no eggs and bacon and ham hocks no mo’.”

I’m hoping this plays out on next season of ‘RHOA” as Porsha will be returning to the show. I do feel sorry for her, as she comes across as so young and inexperienced.


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